Founded in 2019, Mapskart is focused on providing comprehensive geo-spatial solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

To enable digital technologies for our customers by combining top technical talent, deep industry expertise and personal commitment to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

Our Features

ESRI Implementation Open Source GIS (QGIS, GRASS) Web GIS (Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, PostGres) GIS Data Migration using FME GIS Training (End User/ GIS Development)

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We Offer Best
GIS Solutions

Open Source GIS Web and
Mobile Applications

Mapskart provides open source based Web and mobile applications to integrate, visualise and interact with all formats of GIS data. The open source solutions are cost effective as well as provide flexibility to integrate custom features as per the required use case.

Geo-Analytics Solutions

Assess your business with location-based data to help you increase your sales, find target clients, get insight into your client’s location, and build your sales strategy based on just the location data and map data.

3D GIS data Web Applications

Visualise your GIS data with a 3D globe view. Mapskart works with satellite data, lidar data, point cloud etc to build 3D models and visualise to get 360 degree view of ares. The applications includes a 3D model of city, indoor mapping, DEM models of a location.

ESRI GIS Solutions

ESRI suite provides various applications which assist in processing, storage, integration, and visualisation of GIS data. Mapskart provides solutions to integrate ESRI suite applications, customise web applications for visualisation and training to the users.

FME based GIS Data migration and Training

GIS data is complex in nature and requires a seamless design and process for any data migrations process. Mapskart provides the best implementation strategy to migrate GIS data using FME with migration strategy, design GIS data structures with spatial data infrastructure along with maintaining accuracy of the data.

GIS Consultancy

Mapskart provides consultancy services and GIS training to help integrate GIS into existing applications. We also provide solutions to transition from existing traditional applications to integrate GIS with the latest technology and give the location-based edge to your organisation.

We provide all GIS application related services, right from application development, database management, GIS training and consultancy.

Application Development

Location based information is the essential feature of any modern technology in today’s time. Mapskart provides GIS based Web and Mobile application solutions to integrate into your existing information systems. Web applications help to visualise, interact and help make informed decisions based on geographic location data. In mobile applications, features such as location tracking, live feed location data, GIS data collection, analytics dashboards etc are easily available while on the go. We provide end-to-end application solutions from GIS data management, storage, processing, and architecture, to delivery to the end client.

Consultancy and Project management

We provide the best expertise in GIS Management strategy and implementation. Our GIS team experts in their field who are well versed with their subject and have experience in completing projects in diverse areas. Our services include GIS data management, spatial infrastructure development, customised GIS application for mobile and web, and GIS training.

System Integration and Development

Mapskart has expertise in the entire software development cycle while implementing GIS solutions. All the development aspects of the software project management are provided right from software design, use cases, database management, software development, deployment and testing. The applications are customised to handle, interact and visualise GIS data in a web or mobile platform seamlessly.


Data Conversion and migration

We provide expertise with GIS data management with vector as well as raster datasets. We also provide Geocoding services available through mapping APIs as available in market to convert your non-GIS data to GIS data by adding latitude and longitude to the addresses. We follow best standards and practices with data conversion and migration to maintain quality and accuracy of the GIS data.

Database development

Geo-database which handles GIS data works slightly differently from traditional databases. We provide solution to design geo-database to handle as low as 1000 vector points to 1,00,000 points or more efficiently and quickly. We have standard processes to query and optimise geospatial operations at the database level which improves response time as well as processing time when integrated into any application.

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