Founded in 2019, Mapskart is focused on providing comprehensive geo-spatial solutions.

Our Mission & Vision

To enable digital technologies for our customers by combining top technical talent, deep industry expertise and personal commitment to meet the unique business needs of each customer.

Our Features

ESRI Implementation Open Source GIS (QGIS, GRASS) Web GIS (Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Leaflet, PostGres) GIS Data Migration using FME GIS Training (End User/ GIS Development)

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What Kind of Services We Offering

Consulting &
Project Management

Marpskart understands that successful software development projects require good planning, knowledge transfer, and project management. We offer a full range of services including: needs
and requirements analysis, business strategy review, conceptual application designs, hardware and software assessments, feasibility analysis, cost-benefit analysis, business process reviews, and consensus building. Our project managers drive the successful completion of projects using industry standard practices. They understand technical and management issues and facilitate communication between clients and the technical team. 

Our Project Managers have received certification as Project Management Professionals (PMP) from the Project Management Institute


Our programming staff are experts at developing applications based on related industry-standard technologies. We specialize in developing Enterprise GIS systems using ESRI Implementation Open Source GIS (QGIS, GRASS) Web GIS (Geoserver, PostGIS, OpenLayers, Lea_et, PostGres) GIS Data Migration using FME GIS Training (End User/ GIS Development)

Marpskart programmers and developers have proven experience developing web-based applications using tools such as JSP, ASP, .NET, ColdFusion, XML, XSL, HTML, DHTML, AJAX, Adobe Flex, MS Silverlight and Java. We specialize in developing Internet GIS and web-enabled database applications, as well as database-driven web sites that provide clients with the ability to manage resources and leverage information throughout an organization.


Marpskart expertise in database design, development, and technologies is the foundation of our information systems development and consulting  services. Our senior database programmers have proven expertise and experience designing and developing the full range of relational databases varying in size, complexity, and deployment environments. These include systems built around, SQL Server and Oracle and deployed in desktop, networked, and web environments. In addition to designing and developing database applications, we also use our database capabilities to develop GIS and web solutions implementing Enterprise Geodatabases.

Data Conversion or

Marpskart maintains business partnerships to effectively assist our clients in the processing, conversion and migration of spatial data for the development and deployment of GIS applications. GIS Solutions will conduct an evaluation of current data and hardware/software configurations. Based on the evaluation, we deliver a migration strategy that summarizes existing data, applications, and hardware/software architecture and recommends an upgrade path.

We assist in the migration of existing data to take advantage of the  functionality of ArcGIS. This migration plan will include database design and implementation, desktop application design and implementation, and web based application design and implementation, so that all of the client’s needs can be addressed using a comprehensive and cohesive integration plan.

System Integration &

Marpskart will implement and build custom solutions for clients that enable users to access information across an enterprise. We specialize in integrating Esri products with third party software and hardware into an cohesive geospatial solution for our clients.


We provide all GIS application related services, right from application development, database management, GIS training and consultancy.

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